Men's Range

Men's Range

Our Men's range delivers practical skin care solutions that effectively clean and clear the complexion and support the maintenance of healthy skin. 

Keeping it simple, the facial cleanser and moisturising lotion would be suitable for normal, combination and oily skin types. If you are prone to pimples and break outs, the Clarifying Skin Gel is an effective spot treatment to use on blemishes. 

Our Soothing After Shave Gel is a non-greasy hydrater, suitable for all skin types and particularly recommended if your skin is irritated and red post-shaving.

For those of you looking for a targeted serum that both clarifies the complexion and supports collagen synthesis to maintain firmer skin, consider the Vitamin C Serum.

If you are prone to sensitive, reactive and easily irritated skin, review the ingredient list on your shaving products, cleansers and sunscreens and minimise exposure to sulfates, fragrances and denatured alcohol.