Jacqui Gaibor

Jacqui Gaibor, Natural Skin Specialist



I am a clinical nutritionist, chiropractor and herbalist. Since 2004, much of my work has focused on the treatment and management of chronic skin conditions through my practice, The Natural Skin & Psoriasis Clinic.


In late 2020, I developed Gaibor Skin Botanicals to offer effective and practical botanical skin care solutions that support the maintenance of healthy skin, for all skin types.


Founded by Jacqui Gaibor

As the child of horticulturists, I grew up surrounded by fragrant, edible and medicinal plants on my parent’s nursery in the Blue Mountains, NSW. My childhood environment instilled what has become an enduring appreciation of the power of plant phytochemicals to impact our health and wellbeing!


Backed by science, inspired by nature

Gaibor Skin Botanicals reflects my love of natural products, my education in the field of complementary medicine and my many years of experience in assisting people with chronic skin conditions. The products are freshly made in small batches and contain active plant extracts that deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and nourishing ingredients to the skin. 


Small batch, Australian made skincare

In developing this range, utilising local manufacturers to make the products has provided a host of positive outcomes. Firstly, it feels really good to support an Australian manufacturing business! Secondly, small batch manufacturing means a freshly made product for the consumer which is very important when you are creating botanical skin care, free from synthetic preservatives. Thirdly, as the products are created in small batches, I have the opportunity to introduce and highlight a key extract for inclusion into a product, for a single batch run or season or permanently. I see this range as dynamic and responsive to research and development in the field of natural skin care and the products and formulations will reflect this.


Individual Consultations

If you suffer from complex facial skin conditions such as rosacea, peri-oral and peri-orbital dermatitis, facial psoriasis or acne and seek personalised advice, please make an appointment with me at the Natural Skin and Psoriasis Clinic based in Brisbane. Visit our website for more information. 


Finally, In this online world of overwhelming mis-information and expensive and time consuming skin care rituals, I hope you find this site offers practical guidelines and provides beautiful and effective botanical skin care to address your needs and support the maintenance of good skin health!


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