Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is just that – more reactive and sensitive than other skin types and prone to irritation, redness and inflammation. If you have sensitive skin, you are probably aware of a range of triggers that aggravate your skin such as harsh chemicals, fragrances, diet and lifestyle factors. Before using any new product – be it skin care, makeup or sunscreen - it is essential to spot test a small amount on your skin for 24 hours prior to use, to check for sensitivity.

Dry, Sensitive Skin

Be gentle with your skin and use the bare minimum of products to provide soothing cleansing, hydration, repair and protection to your skin. Less ingredients in individual products and keeping your routine simple is recommended. The following products have been developed for those of you with dry, sensitive skin:

Calming Skin Cleanser, Antioxidant Moisturiser, Hydrating Serum, Daily Eye Cream

Oily, Sensitive Skin

You can experience oily, sensitive skin! With oily skin you may be tempted to apply a range of harsh chemicals to treat skin congestion and pimples and find that your skin feels and looks tight, sore and inflamed. Not fun. The following products are suitable if you have oily, sensitive skin.

Refreshing Foaming Cleanser, Rebalancing Toner Mist, Clear Complexion Moisturiser, Hydrating Serum