Managing Oily skin through summer

Managing Oily skin through summer

By Jacqui Gaibor

Managing Oily skin through summer


As we head into a tropical QLD summer, the heat and humidity lead to increased sweating and increase the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands resulting in facial oiliness. This results in more skin congestion and breakouts and often increased oiliness and shine in the T-zone area. If you wear makeup, you will often see it cake and clump as the day progresses. Blackheads appear more obvious due to oxidation of the increased oil.

How can you manage this?

Look at the products that you are applying to your face and review the ingredients. A rich and nourishing emollient moisturiser is probably not what you need throughout the day. Ditto a rich and thick sunscreen or a heavy cream foundation. Mild exfoliating cleansers that deliver an effective clean to remove oil and impurities would work well. Follow with lightweight moisturising lotions or serums.

If you have combination to oily skin that is congested and never dry, really consider your skin requirements and needs throughout the summer months. Perhaps you only require an eye cream to hydrate this naturally finer and drier area of the face? Perhaps a hydrating toner will work well for you throughout the day?

Ingredients I love for oily and congested skin types include White Willow Bark (gentle exfoliater and anti-inflammatory due to salicin content) and Hyaluronic Acid (oil-free moisturising and hydrating). Not surprisingly, these ingredients along with a range of targeted phyto-actives including Noni Fruit Extract and Tea tree oil, can be found in my products addressing oily and combination skin concerns.

Sun protection is so important – in Australia we have an extensive range of sunscreens and sunblocks available with many zinc-based, oil-free options that would work well for oily and congested skin types.

Finally, Aloe Vera Gel is such a wonderful,soothing botanical extract - keep a jar in the fridge for instant skin soothing and cooling effects!